Possibilities of Working Together for Justice

During the Year of Discernment retreat we began to explore concrete possibilities for working together for justice.  Participants viewed examples of faith communities and local non-profits that are already addressing human trafficking, immigration, economic justice, and ecological justice.  Using the handout below, participants were invited pray with these possibilities and add further ideas. We invite you to download the handout and share your ideas through the form below or during the next Year of Discernment event on Sunday, June 28th, after the 10:30 am mass.

Learning from other Jesuit ministries, we know that holistic justice work involves accompaniment, direct service, consciousness raising, research, and advocacy before decision-makers.  Read the short definition of these different aspects of the work for justice below:

Accompaniment & Direct service

Our work for justice is fundamentally rooted in relationship. By creating opportunities for connection across common divides we grow in our understanding of one another’s joys and struggles, sharing life together.

Research & Investigation

We engage in an on-going search of the root causes of injustice and explore new ways of relating to one another and the earth.

Awareness raising

Through faith formation and education, we seek to transform attitudes and habits that foster injustice and indifference.

Advocacy before decision makers

By drawing from a diversity of tools and practices, we seek to influence decision makers and transform unjust structures for the benefit of the common good.


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